Oops! – Robin’s Egg Blue in My Dining Room

So turns out the color I used in the dining room is not DUCK EGG BLUE but instead it’s actually ROBIN’S EGG BLUE… Robin’s Egg Blue is a little brighter blue whereas I can see that true Duck Egg Blue has more green undertones… Either color looks great distressed and glazed in my opinion!

How about this adorable photo bomber?!!


We have made a few updates in the dining room since you saw it last summer… The newest addition is a sweet little Ethan Allen console I found on Craigslist and worked my magic (thanks for your help hubby) to match the china cabinet. That diamond detail on the front of the drawers had me at the first glance. I knew it would be perfect!


Did you notice the log shelf is missing? I still love that shelf and we kept it (just in case I “need” to put it somewhere else) but I really needed a little something more in that spot to set food, especially for parties. The little log shelf just couldn’t do enough. It was insanely difficult to get off of the wall too so hubs will likely not agree to hang it again. The wall took a few rounds of putty and then spot touch paint to become whole again. I’m also glad to have a new area to display pictures… I love pictures of my sweet little family and will eventually get some printed for the new frames…


For my birthday last year I got a massive painting. It’s not the one I had originally seen and fell in love with at that store but it is similar, I love it too and I have enjoyed seeing this every day. The scale is perfect for our large wall. Thank goodness they were sweet enough to send it to me on a delivery truck as there was no way I was strapping it in the back of the truck! I could picture it flying like a kite behind me on the way home! Yikes! The painting that was there is now over the piano (again) in the foyer and fits the smaller space much better.



I’ve been tempted to make some new curtains for the dining room but I love how soft the chenille is and how easily I can change the space up for parties and decorating with simple drapes hanging. My opinion on that changes from day to day. What do you prefer in your home- simple drapes or more elaborate fabrics?


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