Charming-Ollie : Fabric Scrap Banner


A friend of mine pinned an adorable Fabric Scrap Banner on Pinterest yesterday. I can always count on Raedene over @ Chasing Mermaids to find some cute DIY inspiration with FABRIC on pinterest.

I used elastic because that’s the longest strip of anything I had available (it was on a roll) last night and wasn’t sure exactly how long I would want the banner to be in the end.


I cut out a bunch of 2 inch strips and then cut the selvedge edges off. I used the loop technique referenced in the pin above to attach my fabric. After I got all the fabric on there, I cut up some of the pom-pom trim and secured it to the banner too. Hey, by the way – is this a “banner” or “bunting?”


Anyhow I played with the finished sweetness in a few different rooms before heading to the little one’s Eclectic Yellow and Gray Nursery. Those curtain rods were just begging for me tie this to them don’t you think? I kind of like it love it!


My scrap basket is much happier now that it’s not overflowing quite as much!


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