Rustic Floating Log Shelf

When we decided to put the new duck egg blue china cabinet off center, I knew I would be adding a little something to the wall next to it.


I wanted something rustic and started thinking about a great big piece of wood, like a floating mantel…


I LOVE beech trees. They have the smoothest and prettiest wood. We have one out in the backyard that had a dead limb the hubs cut off last year and it was just begging to be fixed up to hang on the wall in my dining room.


I measured for length then my Man cut a section of that limb close to that desired measurement. Then he had to cut it in half. After he cut it in half, he used the table saw to make a 90 degree edge on the side that needed to sit flat and flush against the wall.


I sanded the top down like crazy though I left some of the chainsaw markings for distressing before I used some wild stain mix we saved from something or other. After the stain dried I applied some polyurethane all over it.


We debated on how to hang this thing (it’s not light after all) and eventually came up with the idea to hang it the way we used to hang floating crown moulding shelves back in the day. (Sorry I didn’t get any before or during pics!) Hubs used the router to take out a section in the back portion (the part that touches the wall). He also cut a board to fit inside there. We then attached the board to the wall studs, placed the shelf on the board and secured it the  board from the top. Voila – floating log shelf!


I love how it added another rustic charm to the dining area and goes great with the palletless pallet wall. I can picture it with festive nick-nacks already!

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