Kitchen Table Redo : Duck Egg Blue


When I was looking up color inspiration for our pressed back chairs I came across this table redo.


I loved the light distressed and glazed paint with the dark top. We ended up buying 2 table/chair sets off of Craigslist to have enough chairs for our dining table. One of the sets was a darker wood. I got to thinking that with the new addition to our family we would need a bigger table in our kitchen dining area and I could “try” to redo the darker one to fit the bill. I’m so glad I did!

I’m sorry I didn’t grab any before pictures. I sanded this thing down like crazy with a random orbital sander. I then painted the bottom with my enamel and primer in one. I distressed it with the same sander then dusted it off and glazed the blue. I stained the top and then applied a couple coats of a protector over the whole thing. It’s a little shinier than I usually like but I am so pleased with the result.


It’s a little hard to capture the right color but this is the same paint from the New China Cabinet! Love that finish!

Now if we can just get that bench built to go with it!

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13 Responses to Kitchen Table Redo : Duck Egg Blue

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  2. Chris Leckington says:

    Love this table, but what paint and primer in one did you use? I just bought a table like this but a little bit smaller and it needs to be refinished.

    • Thanks Chris! I used Behr Enamel with primer in it from The Home Depot… That’s been my go to for most projects (brand new and old wood) because I usually sand stuff anyhow, I can have it matched to any color and it costs a ton less than ASCP (although I do LOVE her stuff)… I use a clear valspar glaze i mix with stain after I distress it. Then I topped it with polycrylic. If you don’t want to sand it, I do recommend using chalk paint. We actually took the leaf out of this one and use it as a breakfast table since I took those pictures. I love it even more round 🙂

  3. Stina says:

    Love this! I am getting ready to do something with a large round table we’ve had for a few years and love this combo. My sticking point is the chairs. Did you end up staining yours? Mine need serious help and I can’t decide if I should paint and stain or just stain and throw on some colorful seat cushions.

    • Seat cushions are a no with the kids because we needed to be able to wipe them off. (I am raising the messiest diners ever haha)!! We used annie sloan chalk paint on the chairs (because you don’t have to sand though i am sure i did sand some of what i could with a random orbital sander anyhow), distressed them and then used the same glaze we used on the table base. For the glaze i use the valspar clear mixing glaze and mixed it with dark walnut which i use on almost everything if you check out some of the other glazed items on the blog. Finally added polycrylic to the top and that has been a few years ago but ours are still doing great!

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      • Leslie Joy says:

        I am planning on purchasing chairs from ikea. The covers are a sort of canvass, removable and washable on top of which there are probably the most 10 different colours! The chairs with the table are on their last legs, pun intended 😊 the rungs have been glued so many times. So ikea chairs are my choice. Plus not expensive 😊

  4. Anna says:

    I know that paint colors don’t look the same in pictures but I am wondering what the name is of the color you used. Choosing a color is the absolute hardest part for me. I’ve been back and forth for months now. Your table looks great!

    • Thank you!! I used the glidden swatch for robins egg blue and had home depot match it to use in the behr enamel/paint with primer in it. Then i used a glaze on top of it that was likely ebony or dark walnut. Typically i use dark walnut with valspar clear mixing glaze. Check out the china cabinet details to see more in the same colors. Happy painting!!

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    • Oh it’s also the same as my pantry surround too if you can see the colors good there.

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  6. Katie says:

    Your table looks fantastic! What grit sandpaper did you finish up with? I’m refinishing a table with the same kind of sunburst grain on top, & I’m really struggling to get that looking good with the pattern, straight line in the middle, and plain outer rim!

  7. Leslie Joy says:

    Where can I find a list of what I need and instructions? I have this exact table and want to do this to it.

    Thank you!

    Leslie Joy

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