Pallet Book Ledges


So yesterday I finally figure out what to do with the glorious blank wood wall spots in our little man’s room. Well first I found a couple large frames on sale @ TJmaxx. I took out the matting and put a couple of our favorite metal signs inside. Kid art – check! I debated between hanging both on the left side or one per side… I couldn’t hang them until deciding for sure about a book ledge or not.


I have been debating and pinning pics of adorable book ledges since the wall went up. I liked it so much as is I just wasn’t sure about covering it up… But where to put the big boy books to interest this little one? The teacher in me demands an interesting place that will – yes – promote literacy! I want my boys to love to read… I believe it’s our focus towards literacy from early on is what truly helped our oldest the most. He’s the best reader in his class or so he says… Makes this Mommy super proud!!


Ok so back to the new decor… I debated between using some leftover pine boards we used with the pipe shelving or some old pallets we’ve had leaning against the barn turning that glorious barnwood gray to make our book ledges. The pine boards would have to be painted… distressed… glazed vs the pallets having to be disassembled but already had the perfect finish and could be installed same day. Had to go with the barnwood gray and I’m sure my nonhappyaboutpaintingever hubby appreciated the good to go finish! Excuse me – painting a race car is the exception.


I did lightly sand the pallet book ledges with a random orbital sander to try to keep any obvious splinters @ bay. I didn’t want to do too much as it did change the color as it took some of the “aging” away from the wood.

(lemme just say right here for those like me… Don’t forget the beef stew you are heating up on the stove because it doesn’t care about writing a new blog post… uuugh)!


They turned out great. Even though the wall was stained to look that way and the pallet wood was aged and naturally weathered, the combo was definitely meant to be… Our little man could not be more thrilled with his new special place for the big boy books!

Have you found any great pallet inspired projects lately? I’m always up for some good inspiration!

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