Palletless PALLET Wall : Dining Room


We have weird walls with paint issues and I’ve been desperate to add some texture to our finicky walls. Solution – Pinterest! Have you seen the adorable pallet wall eye candy all over? Oh goodness me… Oh how I love barnwood gray and that rustic feel. It’s just so homey and inviting to me. We actually have a few pallets down at the barn but I came across this palletless pallet wall tutorial over @ Creative Little Daisy and insisted that we do this in our dining room. I am so glad that my hubby (reluctantly) agreed to do this with me!


First off, it’s one of my very favorite things we have done. I got these 8ft pine plank packages from lowes and went to staining them all different colors (some light, some real dark). I used oil based, water based, grays, dark browns, blacks and even added water to get variations I liked. We chose these planks over actual pallets to make it much easier on us plus pallets may or may not have been treated with harmful chemicals, are random sizes and are a pain to disassemble. We didn’t use an adhesive. We used a finish nailer with our air compressor to attach the planks. You can’t see any nails or staples on our because the planks we used have tongue and groove and they fit together real nicely. We cut the planks in random sizes as we went up the wall. I really like putting the darkest pieces next to the lightest ones for the biggest effect.


Oh the gray wood of an old barn…. In my dining room! Now I have the perfect color and texture. What’s even better is that this is the wall you see right through the foyer/front door. I wish the pics would show just how big of an impact it is in person. 😦


Are you willing to give it a try somewhere?

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7 Responses to Palletless PALLET Wall : Dining Room

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  2. Dusty says:

    I love the non pallet wall 🙂 I was wondering if you know the name of the yellow color used on the dining room chairs? Love those and the table. The whole room looks awesome!

  3. Tim says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me what the planks are called. I’ve looked at Lowe’s and online at Lowe’s and Home Depot and don’t see the type of wood you used.


  4. Angie Crane says:

    i was wondering if you remember the name of the stains that you used? I love it and am currently working on my non pallet, pallet wall!! THanks

    • Hi! I kinda went to town mixing all kind of things to get the colors i liked. I used charcoal, dark walnut, ebony and i probably had a few gray tinted stains. I also used water to dilute and just randomly mixed different combos for every few boards. Seems like sometimes i splashed water here and there or painted some of the boards with water before painting the stain on which changed how the stain was absorbed. I loved a big variety to make it so interesting so I found found that real light boards/pieces looked especially great beside some of the darker ones. We have done a few wood walls since this 😉

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