Fresh Air – A Place to Play


Little ones need fresh air and an outdoor place to play… Did you know you are NOT stuck with the plastic or prefabricated playgrounds in stores? You CAN make your own design and bring to life a better option!



We got our materials between Home Depot, Lowe’s and a few stores online for the swing accessories and such. Prices varied so much between Lowe’s and Home Depot that we made a haul to both stores to save money. Thank goodness they are across the street from each other!


Did you know that play sand can be dangerous? Yes – I am that mom… The one concerned about the silica the little ones may breathe in during their excavating adventures… Solution – dredged river sand! The color is darker but it’s just as fun and Mommy doesn’t have to worry about the little lungs… A dump truck brought it so no repeated lifting and opening a thousand bags of play sand (which often contains silica mind you). Win, win!


We’ve been stuck inside due to an ice storm but things are quickly thawing out today. We have a date with the outdoors! Hope you get out to enjoy the fresh air today too!

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