Playhouse Bed

Have you ever seen a Kids Crooked House playhouse? These crooked little outdoor creations are so cool… A couple years ago when it was time to build our little guy a fun bed – they were a great inspiration!

Well I guess the inspiration started with a couple of beds similar to this:


I love that they used a bright fun color to paint it too…

Inspiration – check! Moving forward… I wanted the windows to be crooked, the door to be straight but look crooked (trim achieved that), be high enough to play/store toys underneath, need a light with a dimmer inside for bedtime stories, wall mount TV, wood look siding and tin roof. A country boy has to have a tin roof, right? That sounds like quite the list now that I think about it… There was a lot of playing around with the sizes until we settled on what it actually came to be. I wanted to make sure there was air flow @ the top to be sure it wouldn’t be hot and stuffy inside there. It needed to be up off the ground but not too high of a climb.

My little guy was wearing a Charming-Ollie Asher when he gave the camera a tour. Take a look around:


My awesome hubs built the brown furniture for our first born to match the crib. I always prefer a chest for a changing table rather than an open one where the little tike can pull everything out easily. The white furniture was an addition for this little guy. That tall book rack is still one of my favorite things… Well until the littlest began using it as a ladder it was. Paint colors were easy to decide as we just used some we had leftover in the basement.


This bed is the most popular place to nap in the house for kids and grown-ups alike… There is just something so comfy about a nook to curl up in, don’t you think? If only the sheets were easier to change out!

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2 Responses to Playhouse Bed

  1. Kandace says:

    Do you happen to know the dimensions of the bed? Specifically from floor to mattress support then mattress support to top? Trying to configure one for my boy’s room

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