Outdoor Dining – The First Farmhouse Table


I’m not sure where I snagged this picture from. Unfortunately it was “saved” to my computer in the days before Pinterest 😦 I love that gorgeous table! When it came time to work on a design for our back porch dining area, I had a one track mine centered on this image.


My husband worked is magic and hand turned these massive legs.

Corey’s cousin donated some old chairs from her cabin renovation. Of course they needed to be painted blue, right?


I love the look, but do you see the issue with the upper picture? The Sun comes in blindingly so sometimes… So… We needed a shade of some sort. I’m pretty sure I went Pinterest crazy pinning beautiful porches with curtains. This is a wide space and we didn’t have a big budget for buying that much fabric for me to attempt curtains from. Instead I found these great extremely tall fabric shower curtain liners from Amazon and we had a couple sections of galvanized pipe from Lowe’s cut and threaded to fit our span.


We can pull for shade across when we need to and it still leaves a nicely lit space. This also works great for when the sun is beaming and I need to snap a few pics for Charming-Ollie clothing.

We love dining alfresco (especially in bright blue chairs)! Do you?

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