Little Artist Gallery

The refrigerator just couldn’t handle all the cuteness of the little artists in the house. 🙂 I had been looking @ cute little wire art galleries for some time but for some reason just couldn’t make the jump to create our own. Somehow in describing what we needed – the hubs and I figured out a (cuter) more adjustable way of fitting our needs. We put cabinet knobs, clothes pins, double sided screws, drywall anchors and string to create my favorite art gallery in town!

We have a long (empty) span in one hallway that is perfect for a little art gallery. I like to hang things where I want instead of just where the studs are so we needed knobs that would either had a backplate or just a big base to cover the drywall anchors. We used double sided screws to attach the anchors and the knobs. We found knobs that would cover the anchors and my sweet hubs screwed them into the anchors.


I attached string to the knobs and used clothespins to hang the art.


We have a regular rotation with new art coming in. The refrigerator still has it’s share but most of the precious items are displayed in our very own “Art Gallery.” The kids are thrilled to show the artsy space off to all their friends. This simple update has made a world of difference with clutter!


We even added a small “overflow” art space in one of the kids bedrooms.


How do you display “art” in your home?

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