“Have You Seen My Hat” Industrial Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom could have gone a lot of different directions. We have an industrial look going on up there so I knew that I wanted this Kichler 2666 light hanging down from the ceiling.


We had already planned for this same style but in a (clearance) different color to hang in a nook outside the bathroom. I love that look!

With the sink – we were going off in so many directions. I’m so glad that Craigslist never had a piece of furniture that would be the perfect size for turning into a vanity in there. I’m even glad that hubs wouldn’t go for the concrete countertop under a fun vessel sink. I LOVE utility sinks and trough sinks in the bathroom. We didn’t have room for the gorgeous trough sinks but the farmhouse sink/utility sink with the wall mount faucet just begged to be in that space! Just look @ the beauties I found on Pinterest…

93801604708434319_6SEf7ikX_c  18225573462844016_DmfjFUWJ_c

I love how the soap just sits inside the latter sink and I’m a sucker for old cross shaped plumbing handles.

(I have much more inspiration on my pinterest Bathrooms board if you would like to take a peek: http://pinterest.com/ashleyj0nes/bathrooms/ )

I had to have a checkered floor just because… Love that texture/pattern on a floor!


I added a small train rack shelf and an oversized clock.


See my big beautiful farmhouse utility sink? Add a nice chrome doctor’s office step stool and you’re good to go.


This window sash is one of our favorite things! “Have You Seen My Hat” is one of our favorite books. I filled a sequence from the book. I love hearing the boys recite the words from the book just by looking at the art. Have you seen my hat?


I got lucky and snagged the shower curtain when West Elm had a sale going online. Apparently I like industrial with a side of geometric! Have you made any fun updates to your bathrooms lately?

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