Window Sash Art

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Years ago, I discovered that a friend used black and white photos in the panes of an old window… It looked incredible and so I’ve been hooked every since. I use old windows a little differently.

There’s a local antique store that has my favorite stash. I love the old look but I also love bright white paint on them so I white wash them to make the white a little brighter. Since the windows I choose are usually older – the wood soaks the paint right up and they still look perfectly aged.

In our the bedroom of our oldest I used individually matted panes so that I could switch out the images easily as time goes by and interests change. This one was filled with pages of a Curious George calendar before it became Robots to match his bedding.


We also did the same thing with a Vintage Circus Poster calendar for the new nursery. They brighten up the room for sure. Wonder what will fill these panes next…


“Have You Seen My Hat” is one of our favorite books. In the bathroom next to the play room I filled a sequence from the book. I love hearing boys recite the words from the book just by looking at the art. Have you seen my hat?


Last but not least, for this window sash on our stairway I had a fabric backer mounted to it and on the front of the glass panes I easily switch out family pictures with new ones from time to time.


Don’t you just love that Amy Butler fabric? There is also some bunting nearby that shares the same fabric pattern. I love bunting in the play room! I’m still trying to limit myself to the 4 strands I currently have hanging up there. Sometimes restraint is hard, especially when I have so many adorable Charming-Ollie scraps to choose from!


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