Our DIY Mason Jar Chandeliers

Pottery Barn, Etsy and Pinterest have inspired us with their mason jar chandeliers. Have you seen the gorgeous pics out there? However the prices are unreal plus we are kind of DIY people…

This one in particular that used blue and clear mason jars really got my attention.


@ first I wanted to replace one of the lights on our kitchen/breakfast/living room area. I found these dreamy pictures on pinterest… How can you NOT be inspired by them?

197384396137880110_cRyXJ1mD_c 18225573462461441_Y3F0x7kf_c

Yes – I am lucky that I live on a farm in East Tennessee for sure. It only took a little while to find an extra wagon wheel, load it on the 4-wheeler and head home to wash it up and explain to hubby what ideas I had in store for it… See the potential?


Unfortunately, what you can’t see is how INCREDIBLY heavy this real wagon wheel is. Yikes! I cleaned it up real good but in the end we decided it was just way too heavy to have hanging from the ceiling… On to other options….

Well we did had to do some updating/fixing in the kitchen so I quit focusing on replacing those lights (since they looked better after the updating) and started thinking about the hallways… We have lots of hallways. They were all lit by the dreaded boob lights. Yes I picked them out a few years ago but WOW did I want to change them out.  I came across this great tutorial from Kara Paisley Designs and just KNEW those boob lights were coming down!


Do you see what’s up and coming with my Grandma’s beautiful old jars now? I was chomping at the bit to get started with these (and a few more that were cleaned and added to the mix later).


We tweaked her directions a little bit and used a couple different sized bulbs because of what was available at home depot when we made our chandelier haul. It’s almost like having a little Christmas glow all year long. I love how the jars and clear bulbs sparkle on the ceiling and walls all around.

Good bye (five) boob lights! Hello Grandma’s beautiful ole mason jar chandeliers!


Have you ever tried making a light on your own? My hubs did all the “light making” operations/hanging/etc. but from my point of view it really didn’t seem all that bad. Thanks to good pictures for inspiration and great blog tutorials to get us headed in the right direction!

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