Missing the Glow… Already?


I’ll admit – I’m kind of missing the glow already…. Missing overhearing our little guys tell important details to our Elf on the Shelf “Perry”… Missing dance parties in the glow of the twinkling tree lights… Missing the excitement in the boys eyes as the birthday of our Lord gets closer…


Our youngest, soon to be middle son, asked just today about when Christmas is coming back… Not too soon Love, but I see a dance party in the near future. Nobody breaks it down quite like this little man! And knowing that next Christmas, we’ll be celebrating with a trio of sweet little boys has my heart glowing already…

Are you missing the glow too? Maybe the excitement in the air?

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2 Responses to Missing the Glow… Already?

  1. I too was missing the glow…so to keep a little bit of it…I drilled a hole in the top of my cabinets…you know where the microwave gets plugged in…I then strung christmas lights above and weaved it around the “stuff” I have displaying above my cabinets. Now I still have some of the “glow” in my kitchen and it is just the right amount of light to leave on in the evening when we may still be going into the kitchen but not needing all of the lights on. (fyi) I plugged the lights into a extension cord that had a switch on it so to turn the lights on and off I only have to open the door and hit the switch instead of having to get a step stool and unplug them. Try it…you will love the glow. πŸ™‚

    • That is a great idea! I saw something on pinterest where the cabinet tops were glowing just the other day and it was beautiful… Now you have me imagining glowing garland up there… Oh boy! πŸ™‚

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