Eclectic Yellow and Gray Nursery

One night while perusing Craigslist I came upon a distressed and glazed yellow dresser. I knew we had to have it for our littlest guy arriving soon and that his room was destined to be yellow and gray. Have you seen the adorable yellow and gray nurseries all over the internet? I had quite the Pinterest collection for a while…



We intended to use the same bedding we used with our second little guy (Pottery Barn Kids Circus) since it’s still in such great shape. I found a vintage circus poster calendar and amazon and knew it would be perfect for these old window sashes. I had each pane matted separately so that they will be easier to change out over the years as decor and interests change.




I’ve never had a bed in the nursery before but I was intent that we NEED to have one from the beginning this time. I remember how hard and uncomfortable the floor can be during the middle of the night. We found a great old bed on Craigslist. My talented hubs updated the metal rails with wood and then painted the bed a dark gray. I distressed it and then he glazed it. Sorry it’s hard to see how pretty (um “manly”) the finish is in pics… We finished it up with a cozy Land of Nod pirate duvet set.


The industrial pipe shelves in our play room have been a great hit so we decided to do that again in the nursery. The shelves of course needed to match the dresser so we painted, distressed and glazed them too.

SONY DSC  SONY DSC 2012-10-15_16-54-11_986

There was an empty space next to the closet and I had a few frames empty frames upstairs that matched the crib color. I looked on Etsy for some cute prints for a while and then remembered what cute Charming-Ollie fabric scraps I had that could be perfect….


I am so happy with how it all turned out. Hope our little guy loves it too!

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