Farmhouse Table Love Part 2

Ok we’ve got the walls covered and the inspiration for the table in sight. Next = designing the table legs.

from this:

table leg

to this:


Can you imagine the patience to hand turn 4 of these mammoth legs? He’s amazing, I know!

I really wanted to be able to fit 10 people well. 4 chairs on each side with spares for the ends when we need more spots. When we did the legs we also did a dimension design for the table top/apron/height and so on. The table top is 42″ across and 110″ long. This is definitely the biggest table in the house!

E2013-01-02_20-02-20_165-1  2013-01-02_21-36-29_186

While the table was coming together we were also in search for the perfect chairs on Craigslist. I had previously turned my nose up @ these pressed back chairs but once we saw them painted, distressed and glazed (our new favorite finish) we knew they would be perfect for our dining room. Plus there was an abundance of the table/chair sets available on Craigslist and we needed a lot of chairs.

Inspiration chairs:


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 219269075577172951_C7K2r0n0_c

P.S. I’ll admit – Yes, I pulled the “farmhouse table for my Christmas present” card. Best Christmas gift EVER! Thanks Love!

It all starts coming together…

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6 Responses to Farmhouse Table Love Part 2

  1. Love the legs on the farmhouse table. Do you sell just the legs.

  2. michelle desjardin says:

    hi, I love your work! I’ve been looking for a table of this size, but as a counter! How did you build the base? And your legs is the top block 5″? Where did you get the top?

  3. becky moore says:

    How big of a lathe did you turn the legs on?

  4. Kailee says:

    What type of wood did you use for the table top? Thank you!

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