Farmhouse Table Love Part 1

This past year we have been updating our dining room. The wall opposite the front door has quite the impact now. This past spring we out up a palletless pallet wall and could not be happier with the results. (Details on the wall coming soon).



The red dining room we had (I love red) just had too much going on with all the wood tones and so I “requested” that for my birthday present this year the red turn to gray (yes I pulled the “for my Birthday” card). My amazingly talented husband does NOT like to paint but he does it for me with a certain amount of begging (a.k.a. nagging as he would say) of course. We recruited my fabulous in-laws to come up and help paint the dining room and nursery for the littlest one due to arrive in a few days. Bless them!


Oh how I loved the new gray in the dining room. But something was missing… My dream farmhouse table. Luckily my husband is amazing @ bringing my furniture designs to life. His least favorite word may be “Pinterest” but that’s where I went in search of farm table inspiration. I looked and looked (way too much) and finally came across a table that had the perfect leg style.

This is the inspiration I was hooked on:


And so it begins…

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One Response to Farmhouse Table Love Part 1

  1. melissa Eckert says:

    do you have building plans for your farm table?

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