Some Fabrics

Some fabrics I could stare at all. day. long…

Introducing : Sarah Jane Wee Wander and Birch Organics with Elk and Ukes

Weewander birch

See how sweet they are? They even feel wonderful :)


I am blessed to get to work with many different fabrics but every once in a while I come across some that are just delectable. The colors, the way they feel, the way the combos come together…. Oh. Dear. Me… I love these!


So glad I came across these to use for some Charming-Ollie Bowens!

P.S. I may or may not have made these a size larger to be able to hang them up to look at them for a while :)


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Freshly Picked Moccasin Review & Giveaway Winner

wc_FreshlyPickedMoccs_201311_600PX_1229_grande wc_FreshlyPickedMoccs_201311_600PX_1237_grande

Freshly Picked sent me some adorable moccasins to take for a test drive & test drive them is exactly what we did! Adorable doesn’t cut it actually. I opted for the Limited Edition – Iced Mint color and I must say – it’s ever better in person! Some may say the metallics are for the gals but I disagree. This color can be perfectly dressed up or down for the little fellas too. I love how they are out of the ordinary!!


The first thing I noticed when I pulled them out of the adorable packaging was how soft the leather was. I love that it’s not stiff like all the other baby shoes. I can see how it would be comfortable and conforming to the littles feet. It kinda makes me want to snuggle.


Yes – they really do stay on baby feet!! They have elastic, not too tight for comfort, around the top that keeps them on. It stretches easily allowing for ease of getting these cuties on too! That is really important for chubby baby feet that flex and curl every time you try to put shoes on! I’m not saying any names but I may know someone blonde hair, blue eyes, about 20 lbs and yay tall that fits this description well! ha! I wouldn’t have it any other way :)


I picked a size that’s got some growing room for my littlest man and am thrilled that the moccasins actually do match their size chart. Sometimes I think companies put out size charts just for fun as they never seem to line up with their products (shoes mainly) but these actually do!


Last week we had snow and this week it’s warm and beautiful so we had to work off some of that cabin fever. We wore these outside for the first time. They are a little big for now (because I chose that size) so the toes rubbed a little more when we were doing the riding toys and little man was curling his feet. Some of the shine at the tippy toes got a little scuffed during play and picture time but that doesn’t bother me in the least. To be honest, it adds character that is perfect for matching up with his Charming-Ollie adjustable outfits! The slight scuffs and fringe curling makes this momma smile!


Now for the details you’ve all been waiting for… Since Freshly Picked was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway (Many thanks to them!!) – let’s see who won!! Rafflecopter makes it easy so when I clicked add a winner – it posted this for me:


Congratulations Lindsay D. I will be sending you an email shortly!

Thanks so much for all who participated. I hope you will love your Freshly Picked Moccasins as much as we now love ours!!


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FP Giveaway OPEN!


Giveaway is open!

Win a pair of these sweet feet treats in your very favorite color and size! 

Rafflecopter makes it easy on my Facebook page:

Or here if the above link and then find the giveaway tab:

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Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway

Hello My name is Ashley and I am addicted to Freshly Picked Moccasins. They are perfectly matched to Charming-Ollie Clothing & Patterns. You can join the cuteness club too. Starting on Valentine’s Day – enter to win a pair of your very own on my FB page!



or here if the above link won’t work for you: & find the giveaway tab to enter!

What is your favorite moccasin color? I’m really digging the metallics!

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It’s a One-derful Life : Birthday Party Instagram style

My littlest guy turned one!! See how cute sporting his Charming-Ollie Bowen outfit?


We celebrated big with blue mason jars, striped straws, blue cake bunting & lots of cake!!

Party prep:

1551524_10101270433697811_1255376394_n 1535520_10101269722258541_880810524_n



Party time!!

1623522_10101301325590211_1672336566_n 1545153_10101310169002941_861353704_n 1004952_10101320279386651_2040733014_n 1011242_10101325311836581_1482921253_n 1888653_10101320278483461_1965833708_n 1012698_10101319445991781_253545261_n




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Instagram Antique Surround

I saw this gorgeous antique surround on Pinterest and found the perfect place to give it a try. Isn’t she lovely?!!


We already have gray walls in there so we decided to use the Robin’s Egg Blue and distress and glaze it to match the other accents nearby.

1551729_10101294733401011_1767438717_n 484846_10101315110674791_754542461_n 1620491_10101315350569041_1337566385_n 1528591_10101299162385291_1738287666_n

No ordinary pantry around here!

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Blue Mason Jar Chandelier Update

This was the light over our breakfast table….


This is from the Murray Feiss Boulevard collection. I must have loved them when I picked them out but I am just over the big white globes now… I still love the bronze finish on them.

This is the new update.


I heart old blue mason jars!! Hubby was thankful this update didn’t even require wiring. The only thing we had to buy to complete this was new bulbs. Win-win!

I love all my Mason Jar lights! Which do you prefer?

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